Unleashing Creativity: Argie Spotlighting Aussie Artist

Unleashing Creativity: Argie Spotlighting Aussie Artist

We believe in the power of artistic expression and the magic it brings to the world and here at Argie, we're all about supporting and shining a light on local Australian artists providing them a platform to showcase their incredible art pieces. 

We're a brand that is fun, youthful and energetic and understand the importance of creativity in our daily lives. So, why not incorporate those fun elements into our bedding as well? 

A celebration of creative synergy, our dynamic collaboration with Melbourne based illustrator and artist, Ellen Porteus brings together a bright and fun look to spice up your bedroom.

Meet Ellen!

Ellen's art brings vibrant worlds to life through animation, illustration and installation and are a testament to her clever, bold and insanely colourful style of work. With a playful and ballsy approach, she captivates audiences leaving a joyful impression. 

We worked closely with Ellen and her team to create our Snake Flower and Floral Pattern prints on our satin and silk pillowcases. We pitched our ideas and creative briefs to Ellen and she was able to perfectly capture what it was that we had envisioned and with a few tweaks here and there, we were proud of the end result.

Here's a little BTS content:

Other Ellen Porteus Designs

Argie x Ellen Porteus is a limited edition collaboration showcasing the unique brilliance of Australian art and amplify the voices of local artists, bringing their work to a broader audience. If you have any suggestions on any future collaborations, drop us a message at careers@meetargie.com!

For a limited time only, you can shop our Ellen Porteus prints here → Shop Collab Prints

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