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Rose Gold Sarin Pillowcase

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Love the colour and the satin feel is amazing. Best of all it does wonders for my skin too! :)

Thank you for your review, Jess! We're glad you're happy with your purchase.

Satin Pillowcase - Ivory White

Satin Pillowcase - Charcoal Grey

With in the first couple of nights my skin irritation/redness was reduced, and I can see that its starting to work on my acne as well!
thank you Argie.

Thanks for the feedback, Finley! We're glad to hear that the satin pillowcase is helping to reduce skin irritation and redness and that it may be helping to improve acne symptoms too.

Satin Pillowcase - Sky Blue
Bianca Lauricella

Satin Pillowcase - Sky Blue

Love my pillowcase

Its so comfortable and luxurious to sleep on. No matter how long between washes it never feels dirty.

Thank you for your review, Sandra! We're so happy you're enjoying your pillowcase!

I glow in the morning!

I was impressed with the glow in my skin. As an older person who has quite come to terms with ageing I was surprised that sleeping on the Argie pillow case seems to be far gentler on my skin. I don’t look tired and old when I wake up now.
And my hair loves it too - nowhere near as oily!

Thank you, Kate! Appreciate the review - that's great to hear :-)


Silk Pillowcase - Ivory White

Thanks for your review, Jessica!



My boyfriend and I both love these pillow cases! They’re so soft and smooth! I would just be careful about wearing certain earrings as mine tend to get caught when sleeping. But other than that 10/10 love them and love the colour!

Great to hear, Sunny - and appreciate the feedback!


Absolutely love my new pillow cases!! The quality is amazing. Will definitely be ordering more for you guys.

Thank you, Haylee!


Clear skin within a month

I’ve had my argie pillow cases for less than a month and already my skin is less prone to flair ups and my hair is less frizzy. Highly recommend. I will be buying more.

Cheers, Claire - that's great to hear!


So far so good

Thank you, Nadine!


Satin Pillowcase - Lavender Purple

Hi Khari, let us know how we can help further!


Satin Pillowcase - Navy Blue

Thank you, Peta! :-)

Looks grubby from moisturiser

Feels lovely and I like the zip closure but I'm a bit disappointed by how much it shows up the slightest bit of moisturiser on my face. Feel like I need to wash the pillow everyday because it looks dirty.

Sorry to hear this, Roger! This tends to be the case with satin and silk as the material is what they call 'moisture wicking', i.e., it's so smooth that moisture isn't absorbed. This is a positive if you have any face creams, as they stay on your face instead of the pillow. Also, it's a bit more hygienic as moisture is a great environment to grow bacteria!


I haven't opened them as they are a Christmas present for my daughters, once I open them I will do a review

No worries, Sarah - keep us posted on how you go! :-)


Lovely pillowcase.

Thank you Piper :-)



Noticed more pimples now that I have changed to Argie. I have a good and strict face regime so I was shocked.

Oh no! Really sorry to hear this, Ishan. If you're not vibing the pillowcase, send us an email to and we'll get you fixed up with a full refund. No stress. You have up to 100 days as well for this as well.


Satin pillowcase

10/10, amazing. Going to purchase another one so I have can them on rotation!

Great to hear, Paige - appreciate the review!



Feel so comfy and soft. The colours are so rich

Thanks, Chaz! Much appreciated


So far so good!

Noticed a great difference in assisting to clear my acne

Thank you, Brooke! That's great to hear :-)


The feel great

The best thing about these pillowcases is they breathe and they're cool. I sleep hot and these are fantastic.

Cheers, Michael! Appreciate the review


Satin Pillowcase - Navy Blue
Kimberly Somerville
Sleeping on a cloud!

I wasn’t expecting the straight up smooth silky satisfaction I would get from my first nights sleep on Argie! It was amazing 😍

Thank you, Kimberly! Wonderful to hear


Daughter loves Her new sleep mate!!

Purchased this amazing product for my daughters birthday and she absolutely fell in love with the feel of this pillow case, she said “oh mum it’s so soft - I need to go to sleep on this right now”
This has some how helped her with her anxiety as well she is more calm at night and settled. Thank you

Love to hear this, Catherine! Appreciate you sharing and very pleased for your daughter :-)


1 Silk pillow case

Fixed all my acne and amazing service! Keeps you updated and no scams and so nice and clean all the time

Thanks Annabel - appreciate the kind review!


The Tina Turner of cases - simply the best

Beautiful quality silk, doesn’t slide around on the bed. The close of the case is a zipper so it doesn’t move around on the pillow either. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement to my hair of a morning! My go to present now

Love this - and made us laugh! Appreciate the kind words, Kristie :-)