3 Things You Need To Know About Silver for Skincare Lovers

A quick history lesson: it's all in the name Argie. Short for Argent, French for Silver or Argentum, Latin for Silver. For all our beauty and skincare enthusiasts out there who might be suffering from acne and other skin concerns and are still yet to jump on the superhero ingredient that is Silver, this post will tell you all about and why you need to add a little bit of silver magic into your skincare routine.
Silver has been linked to skincare for years, it's a precious metal that continues to be used throughout time for it's powerful antimicrobial agent that takes care of our of health in ways we never thought of. If you're anything like us and love learning about the power of science in skincare, then we will show you just how important silver plays a part in our skincare regime and how easy it is to incorporate it into your routine.

How does silver work it's magic?

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This post is all about silver and skincare.

1. Silver has been used for CENTURIES

Silver actually isn't that new of a thing, it dates back to 3000 B.C. in Turkey and Greece, so it's been around pretty much for forever. Before the introduction of antibiotics, silver was used to treat antimicrobial conditions.

2. Silver is LEGIT life changing

Believe it or not, but silver has antimicrobial properties (and some serious acne fighting potential). The nanoparticles of silver can be woven into fabric to prevent bacteria from building up. For years, it's been used to prevent infection from injuries and promote wound healing (crazy, right?).

3. Silver is in everyday life

Did you know that there are now workout clothes infused with silver that help kill bad odours caused by sweat and bacteria while you workout? Or that silver is used to purify water? The World Health Organisation includes colloidal silver in water filters as a water disinfection method to provide safe drinking water in developing countries.
Our satin and silk pillowcases are infused with silver ions to reduce 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria helping you fight acne and blemishes, reduce clogged pores, soothe redness and irritation and so much more.

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Common questions we often get asked:

"Is silver good for your skin" "Is there any harm with using silver?" "Is silver bad?"
We're here to let you know, that being in contact with silver is NOT harmful to humans (unless you have a known silver allergy, then we would suggest to avoid the silver). Our satin pillowcases are treated with silver ions, which has been used and is still being used in medicine to this day. Our customers have seen an improvement in their skin when they sleep on our oh-so luxe pillowcases as it acts as a support to all their skincare products, it's the closing to their routine.
"What are the skin benefits?" "What does it do for your skin?"
Oh so many things! If you're still deciding about hopping onto the silver train, this is the time to do it. Silver's antibacterial and antimicrobial, and has historically been used to heal wounds, soothe burns and replenish skin issues. Our satin pillowcases are specifically designed to help reduce acne, breakouts, clogged pores and even protect your hair from damage. Silver itself is also:
  • Anti-inflammatory - reduce redness and irritation
  • Repairs tissue - prevent premature wrinkles and sleep lines
  • Powerful antioxidant - promotes collagen retention
  • Soothing - calms psoriasis and eczema
Skincare, Science, Silver, Benefits, Acne
"I've been struggling with acne in my mid-twenties. I never really thought that the pillowcase fabric would be an issue, but once I started using Argie, I noticed the change right away!" - Dianna D (Verified Argie Customer)

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Silver has been and continues to be praised for it's natural healing abilities. It's common to find silver being used in skincare as it helps to reduce and prevent a number of skin concerns including acne, clogged pores, redness and more.

This post was all about silver and skincare and the healing benefits silver has. 

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