Proof's in the picture

Proof's in
the picture

"Have seen an improvement already and it's been a week! The pillowcases are so lovely and comfortable too"

Grace C


"Note how much more glowy and hydrated my skin is and how many fewer spots there are!"

Scarlett B


"It working for me yall 🥲 I normally get acne on the side I sleep on & my skin has been so clear ✨ Thank you thank you thank you. "

Rebecca R


"I'm actually so shocked at how well this pillowcase has helped my skin in such a short amount of time"

Samantha B


"I got my silvi pillow case a few weeks and my spots have cleared/I haven’t had a flare up since!"

Ami R


"I was initially reluctant to spend that amount of money but the wonders it did to my skin are worth each penny."

Iqra S