Suffering from acne under your mask? Here’s how to combat it

Suffering from acne under your mask? Here’s how to combat it

Happy to pop on your mask when you need to but concerned about the impact it’s having on your skin? Firstly, you’re not alone. Maskne made its way to the top end of the buzzwords of 2020 list after time and time again, people were rummaging through their skincare shelves to find a solution for the breakouts and inflammation.

Our masks need to be securely fitted to work effectively which causes moisture, bacteria and friction. The boost of sweat, dirt and oils creates the perfect breeding ground for acne and flare ups as our skin doesn’t have that space to breathe like it regularly would. This is why people are experiencing unexpected breakouts and inflammation on their chin and cheeks more than ever.

Whilst wearing our masks can aggravate maskne, how we take care of our skin once we’re home is just as important. If you’re not already double cleansing at night, this is the perfect time to start. Double cleansing supports your entire skin health journey (including maskne) by ensuring you’ve effectively removed all dirt, grime and makeup from that day.

Your first cleanse, traditionally an oil-based cleanser, helps to melt away thick foundations, sunscreens and dirt. Your second cleanse, often a gel or cream-based cleanser ensures you’ve covered all bases and takes care of any additional bacteria and sweat. A perfectly prepped and primed canvas for the remainder of your skincare routine, double cleansing is a serious anti-maskne hack to have in your toolkit.

Up to 3 times per week, follow your cleansing with a gentle exfoliant remove dead skin cells and give your pores a deep clean. The exfoliation process will help to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from your pores and stop them from producing excess oil and ultimately, breakouts.

If maskne has already made its way onto your complexion, we want to tackle this by choosing the right products. We recommend keeping your occlusive skincare products, such as thick moisturisers, to the evening to avoid them from trapping in unnecessary bacteria under your mask. Clarifying skincare such as salicylic acid exfoliants, soothing licorice root serums or detoxifying clay face masks* (*the skincare kind) are going to work wonders to soothe your inflamed skin but also tackle the acne where it matters most – deep within the skin itself.

Another habit that could be contributing to your maskne is how often you’re changing or washing the mask itself. Disposable masks are meant to be changed every 4 hours so if you’re out for a busy day, make sure you’ve got a few spares in your bag that you can switch out. If a reusable mask is more your style, you need to be vigilant in washing it. Regularly washing your mask ensures you’re not reapplying trapped bacteria and dirt to your skin because let’s face it, who wants that.

Whilst cotton fabric is the most well-known option when choosing a reusable mask, it’s definitely not helping you avoid maskne. Cotton isn’t as breathable as other options and can cause additional sweating and bacteria to show up on your chin and cheeks. Pulling moisture from your skin and trapping it underneath your mask, cotton is increasing your chances of bacteria making a home on your face and populating in the mask.

Silk fibres on the other hand, like our Silvi pure mulberry silk, is much smoother in nature and considerably less abrasive on your skin. That’s why we’ve created our Silvi Anti-Acne Face Mask to keep your breakouts under control without compromising on safety or style.

When our skin feels less agitated, its able to protect itself better and stop maskne-causing bacteria in its tracks. Our masks pair ultra-protective silk with Silver Ion Technology which is the gold standard in antimicrobial innovations. Chemical free and totally nature, Silver Ion Technology keeps maskne away by eliminating 99.7% of the bacteria mask wearing can cause.

Breathable and kind to all skin types, our masks have been clinically tested to ensure your skin is always looking and feeling its best.

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