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Effortlessly Clearer Skin - Just By Sleeping

After just 3 days there can be up to 1000x more bacteria in your bedding than on a toilet seat. Crazy right?

Sleep makes up 1/3 of our entire lives. Having facial contact every night with a pillowcase loaded with bacteria; up to 16 different species of fungi and up to 10,000 dust mites can lead to:


✔️ Acne & Breakouts

✔️ Clogged Pores

✔️ Dry & Irritated Skin

✔️ Bedding Odours

✔️ Allergies

✔️ Blackheads & Whiteheads

Bacteria is the MOST unsuspected source of skincare concerns; and a massive roadblock to many of us who aren't achieving the results we are after despite countless hours and dollars spent on beauty. 

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How Does Silvi Compare To Other Fabrics?

Silvi is more than just silk. A world first, it combines the luxury of silk with unique Silver Ion technology for sweet dreams and effortless skincare results.

Award-winning and best-selling SilvTech™ fabric is chemical-free, natural and eliminates 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria before it can affect you. All you need to do is sleep. Your skin will thank you. 

Silvi also provides additional benefits such as hair protection, anti-aging and temperature regulating properties. This ensures you wake looking and feeling your best.  

100% Risk Free - 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

Plus Many Colours To Suit Your Style


Light Blue


Tie Dye

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Just By Sleeping You Will Experience

Frizz-Free Hair

Silvi is 2x smoother than cotton, reducing hair damage from textile friction.

Clearer Skin

Silvi helps reduce clogged pores and breakouts by reducing 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria that you sleep on.

Amazing Sleep

Silvi is luxuriously soft and 4.5x more breathable than cotton. Say goodbye to night sweats because Silvi is also temperature regulating.


Silk's proteins help maintain your skin’s moisture and collagen. Silvi also helps prevent fine-lines from sleep.

Less Odours/Less Washing

Silvi's natural antibacterial properties reduce bedding odours. Washing is only required once every 10-14 days as opposed to every 3 days with cotton.

100% Risk Free - 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

The Reviews Are In

These people are actual Silvi customers that have seen easy results from switching to Silvi bedding. 

Silvi has over 1,800+ 5 Star reviews and was awarded the Prevention Beauty Award.

"I’m actually so shocked at how well this pillowcase has helped my skin in such a short period of time. As someone who struggles with hormonal acne at 29 years old, I was definitely very curious if this was going to assist my skincare routine or not. Happy to say it has within a month of use."

Samantha H

"After all sorts of recommended treatments we still had no luck reducing annoying breakouts.

I found out from a friend about Silvi and changed my gf’s pillowcase as a present. I was sceptical at first but it really cleared up my girlfriend's skin! I'll definitely be buying some for myself"

Jo P

 "I switched to Silvi's pillowcase because my skin was breaking out really badly. I'm honestly so impressed & 100% recommend to anyone struggling with their skin. All my breakouts have cleared up & it's completely transformed by skin. They're super soft & also keeps my frizzy hair tame!"

Maya B

100% Risk Free - 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

The Science of Silver

Silver has been used since ancient times due to its anti-microbial properties. Silver ions bind to and rupture the cell walls of bacteria, and prevent them from replicating. The antibacterial properties have successfully passed testing by SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. 

It is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and suited to all skin types including sensitive skin. And the best part, there's no effort required apart from sleeping.

100% Risk Free - 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked


If any Silvi products don't work for you, send them back within 100 days for 100% money back - no questions asked

Get Effortless Clearer Skin Now


Reduce Breakouts By Sleeping

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Silvi offers AfterPay which allows you to split your payment into 4 interest free payments! 

We also accept Paypal.

And of course we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

When should I expect my order?

Obvi offers FREE shipping on all Australian orders over $50 from Sydney.

Orders typically take 3-5 business days to be delivered.

Tracking information is provided via email from upon shipment of your order.

Why don't I just wash my cotton pillowcase instead?

You absolutely can. It is recommended to wash cotton every 3 days, whilst Silvi can last up to 14 days. Let's be honest though, who actually has time for that? And also to account for extra electricity, water, fabric-wear and detergent used for such frequent washing. 

What if I don't like the product or see results?

We know some things take time, that's why we offer a 100 night trial. If for any reason you're not loving your Silvi, even after 100 days, send it back for a full refund + return postage.

Note: This is not applicable for colour exchanges.

What are 'acne-causing' bacteria?

Great question! Silvi's Silver Ion Technology works to eliminate two primary types of bacteria, Cutibacterium acnes (C. acnes) [1] and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) [2]

Both of these bacteria have been linked to acne vulgaris (common acne), which causes pimples, inflamed skin, clogged pores, red papules and nodes. [3] [4]





What is Silvi made from?

Silk - Our silk products are made from 22 Momme 100% Mulberry silk (6A, the highest possible grading). The silk is treated with anti-bacterial silver ions, reducing bacteria by 99.7%.

Plant-based silk - Our plant-based silk is made of 100% 400TC bamboo lyocell, which is derived from pure bamboo pulp, a renewable plant source.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3234 reviews

Feels great

stubborn bumps on the side of my face dissappearing

Only had this pillow case for a week now but already noticed bumps on the side of my face are finally disappearing after what feels like years of trying new creams and fixing my diet. Also added a dust mite protector so thinking now that also has something to do with it. Fabric is soft and feels good quality. the case is a little tight for my pillow but seems ok. Yet to wash it but will make sure to handwash to make it last longer.

Hi there, Georgia! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our pillowcase. We're so happy to hear that it's helping with those stubborn bumps on the side of your face. It's great that you also added a dust mite protector - that can definitely make a difference as well. Our pillowcases are designed to be snug to ensure the best results, but we're glad to hear it's still comfortable for you. Thank you again for your feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy your pillowcase!


I recently purchased 2 Argie pillow cases, and they are such good quality! They feel amazing to sleep on, my hair is smoother in the morning too. Definitely recommend!

Thank you so much for your positive review, Dani. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying your Argie pillowcases and experiencing the benefits of sleeping on satin. We appreciate you recommending our product. Sweet dreams!

Aimee Evans
Teenager Relief

I turned to Argie as my teenager was concerned about his skin. The Skin Sidekick Satin Pillowcase is luxurious in everyway whilst also providing a clean, breathable and cooling effect on his skin. After using the pillow for only a few weeks I have already noticed a difference in his skin each morning, it is less irritated and inflamed. Highly recommend the pillow.

Hi there! Thank you for your glowing review of our pillowcase, Aimee. We're so happy to hear that it's providing relief for your teenager's skin. Our goal is to help all skin types. We appreciate your recommendation and hope to continue providing excellent results for you and your family. Have a lovely day!

Quynh phuong Tran

Happy so far. I dont see any new acnes on my face. The pillowcase surface is very smooth and silky.

Thank you for your feedback, Quynh! We are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with your pillowcase and that it has helped with your acne. Our pillowcase is designed to be smooth and silky, providing comfort for your skin while you sleep. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy your pillowcase. Sweet dreams!


nice and cold

chantelle medina
Love it

so comfortable and hair feels so much healthier

We are so happy to hear that you love our pillowcase, Chantelle! We take pride in providing both comfort and hair health benefits. Thank you for your positive feedback, it means the world to us. Have a great day!


Good quality, have washed over 20 times already and still silky smooth.


Very soft

Thank you for leaving a review for our pillowcase, Elissa. We're so happy to hear that you find it very soft. Our team worked hard to create a luxurious and comfortable product, so we're glad it's meeting your expectations. Happy sleeping!


I can’t believe the difference, tried gut bacteria supps, expensive creams and different face washes but nothing seemed to work till now, this pillow case is amazing and most of my acne has cleared within a week. You guys have a huge fan with me and I’ll be buying extra’s,

Hi there, thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that our pillowcase has made such a difference for you and helped clear your acne. We're happy to have you as a fan and we appreciate your support. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to bring you great results. Cheers!

100% Risk Free - 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked