Summer Holidays: Do's & Don'ts

Don't let these summer holidays wreck havoc on your skin, here are our do's and don'ts for skincare. 

Don't forget sun protection

Did you know that 4 in 5 Australians don't apply enough sunscreen? As the weather starts to get warmer and the sun begins to shine through, it's important that we don't forget to slip, slop and slap! 

Sunscreen is an important part of your skincare routine. Sun exposure without the proper protection can make areas of hyperpigmentation more noticeable and acne scars are less likely to fade. Not only will sunscreen protect your skin from the damaging UV rays and getting sunburnt, but it can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Don't sleep on a cotton pillowcase

One of the underlying causes of acne is your bedding. Think about how you’re going to be spending the next 8 hours or so with your skin against a pillow that holds sweat, drool and skincare products - cotton pillowcases are notorious for holding onto so much bacteria. 

You might want to switch to silk instead. Silvi’s Anti-Acne pillowcase was designed with skincare in mind, treated with antibacterial silver ions, the pillowcase works to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria while you sleep.

See more behind the science.  

Don't wear heavy based foundations

It's never pretty when your make up starts to melt, rub off or when you look in the mirror and realise your T-zone is starting to look like a disco ball. 

Avoid using heavy-based foundations this summer and opt for something more light like a tinted moisturiser with SPF (or even skip the foundation base entirely!).

Do have an after-sun cool-down kit

You've just spent an entire day at the beach and it's time to implement your after-sun regimen to minimise the irritation and dehydration the sun may have caused on your skin.

If you're sun burnt, keep yourself cool with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber and green tea. Make sure to apply a nourishing lotion, avoid using harsh cleansers and delay waxing or shaving. As much as we love that warm sun feeling, we should avoid exposing already damaged skin to more sun, so don't forget to cover up if you're heading back out!

Do refresh, replenish and hydrate

Sun exposed skin is thirsty skin, the summer heat can really dehydrate our skin so it's important to keep our body moisturised. Find a hydrating moisturiser (tip: pop it in the fridge for that extra cooling relief) and soothe your sun kissed but parched skin.

Remember to also hydrate internally too! Water is your best friend at this point.

Do double cleanse

After a hard day soaking in the sun rays, we need to make sure that we're also taking care of our skin during the night. 

Start off with an oil based cleanser to draw out impurities like sebum, SPF, makeup and pollutants, and then move onto a water based cleanser to clean off any sweat and dirt (double cleansing will also prevent buildup of bacteria, reducing acne and clogged pores). 

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